Do you have balance?

Our range of services is geared towards answering the questions that affects your quality of life.
We provide personalised advice that is nuanced and reflects your values and priorities.

"We follow a people-centred approach to total financial wellbeing where your future plans are balanced with your present needs."

1. Financial and Life Balance

Understanding your income and spending patterns forms the foundation of your financial future.

2. Wealth Protection

Financial peace of mind by ensuring that your family is taken care of should something happen to you or your assets.

3. Wealth Accumulation

Ensuring that you will be able to fund your retirement and enjoy a rewarding life. You don’t want to retire with limited choices.

4. Leaving a Legacy

What you consider to be your life purpose? Ensuring that you benefit the people that you intend to.

Our Approach

Money is something that you use in service of the life you want to live. Making money related decisions is not about being richer, but rather, living a richer life. Knowing what you really want out of life gives you clarity and makes it easier to decide what to do in your financial life.

Meaningful conversations

The starting point of any successful financial journey is understanding where you want to go, what needs to be in place to get there and how to avoid the obstacles along the way.


What’s important to you

To gain an understanding of what drives and motivates you or what scares you, enabling us to to provide you with the guidance and advice that will give you the best return on life.



We always hold our professional values higher than our business objectives, thereby putting you always at the forefront of any advice or recommendations.


Guidance & Coaching

Best intentions are meaningless without understanding and experience and we have knowledgeable advisors with a passion to make a difference in your life.

Why Elevation Wealth?

We help you make informed decisions

Our purpose at Elevation Wealth is to elevate you above the ‘noise’ that is so confusing and destructive. Our aim is to help you focus on what is most important to you and guide you on how to achieve your personal and financial goals.

Keeping you safe, no matter what life throws at you.

Our Process

Live life by design, not default

Effective planning

However you define true wealth, we will guide you within a disciplined framework and process to give you the highest probability of meeting your personal objectives.

Ongoing Care & Involvement

It is not about having a plan and walking away. We will be involved with every step of a dynamic ongoing process of planning. We are committed to help you reach your end goal.


In the financial planning world we often find that people cloud the shallow water to create the illusion of depth. Our primary objective is to simplify complexity.


We understand that you need to know what you pay for and have the necessary comfort that you receive value for it. Our fees are fully disclosed and transparent.

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