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Financial life planning is the one area where it usually is not productive to go at it alone.

By the time you have gained the experience it usually is too late to benefit from it. Mistakes on the way are punitive and deeply affects your future.

 It is more productive to rely on our experience and technical expertise to guide you on your journey towards financial wellbeing. We have both the experience and expertise to guide you on this journey. It is your future. We collaborate with you.


Marius Kilian 


Riëtte Brune
Financial Advisor


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Financial Advisor


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Financial Advisor


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Legal and Compliance

Our History

The genesis of Elevation Wealth is rooted in the desire to provide a professional financial life management experience to clients based on “advice as a service”. We do not subscribe to a product and commission focussed approach that has been common ground in the financial planning environment. It is paramount that we always hold our professional values higher than our business values.

We strive to help our clients make better decisions and will not be guided or affected by what is expedient from a business perspective. We believe that people have a realistic expectation to engage with knowledgeable advisors as best intentions are meaningless without understanding and experience. This is what we provide.

The deep belief that we need to be client-centric convinced us that we needed to be independent. We value our independence.

Why Elevation Wealth

Our purpose

We are bombarded by news flow from the media. People increasingly struggle to distinguish between “news” and “noise”. The financial jargon adds to the complexity and confusion. People feel overwhelmed and disempowered to make informed decisions based on sound financial principals.

Our purpose is to elevate you above the “noise” and distractions that is harmful to your financial wellbeing. We help you focus on what is most important to you and guide you on the path to achieve your personal goals. Our process helps you to be more committed to your own personal goals than the daily noise of the markets. We focus on the elements that are within your control and impacts greatly on your final outcomes.

We help our clients to articulate their values and priorities into clear achievable financial goals. We help you to make informed decisions and understand what trade-offs might be required. Wanting more of one thing usually means having less of another. Answers do not matter if it relates to the wrong questions. Every decision you make either moves you closer to your goal or further away.  We make financial planning understandable and personal.

Unlike the wider industry we do not provide the promise of false certainty that everybody craves for. Its easy to sell but impossible to deliver. The future is uncertain, and nobody can divine it. If you have a deep understanding of financial planning principles and human behaviour, then you will be comfortable with the reality of uncertainty. Planning should be based not on prophesy but probability.

The Name - Elevation Wealth

Everything about Elevation Wealth is intentional. We believe that people are overwhelmed by the news flow and the rate of change we are experiencing. It becomes difficult to make informed decisions when you are experiencing stress and confusion.

Our conversations and processes will separate the “news” from the “noise”. We elevate the process of thinking and decision making. Through meaningful and honest conversations, we provide the environment and disciplined framework that enables appropriate responses as life happens. Good decisions result from clarity and a good state of mind.

What’s in the Symbol?

The Triskelion in the Celtic culture is the symbol of balance. The three spirals represent balance, harmony and continual motion indicative of the flow of life and of the Earth in its seasons and cycles. It suggests ideas of action and moving forward. Describes the past, present, and future.  Looks at the whole: mind, body and soul.

The triskelion symbol looks like it is moving and, in that sense, it is also considered as the symbol of progress, personal growth and improvement. The symbol encapsulates the conversations that we have with clients. Life balance happens intentionally not by default.

What’s most important to you? What is your ideal life with the resources that you have? Life is a dynamic process and we continually need to adapt to reality as it unfolds. We understand that the goal is not merely having more money, it is financial freedom. We all want to live rich lives, as opposed to just dying rich.

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